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Has your electronic test equipment become old and underutilized? Would you like to replace it with a newer refurbished model, but you do not know what to do with the old one? has the solution for you. will buy your old cable testers, Fusion Splicers, ODTRs, Oscilloscopes, Network Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers (Modules & HandHeld), CATV Meters and other Test Measurement equipment at advantageous prices.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity of getting rid of your used fusion splicer and buy a newer model or just sell your unused equipment to and put cash back into your company. We all know that fiber splicers OTDRs & test equipment depreciates very quickly and there is always a newer and better model coming along. Perhaps it is time to replace your used fiber splicer with a better model or Sell your no longer needed fiber optic fusion splicer for cash, which you can put back where it counts in your business. provides a wide range of fiber optic test equipment: fusion splicers, LAN cable certifiers, fiber optic test equipment, ODTRs, CATV Meters, test and measurement equipment, modules, parts and accessories (such as battery packs & chargers), and so on. We have products of all ranges and prices.

If you are looking for a substitute for your used fiber splicer, at we have variety of models from manufactures such as Ericsson fusion splicer, Fujikura fusion splicer, Sumitomo fusion splicer, Furukawa fusion splicer, Fitel fusiuon splicer, Corning fusion splicer and Siecor fusion splicers and OTDR \'s. All our products include warranty and are in perfect functioning condition. Everybody knows how important it is to have reliable fusion splicer and OTDR, our used fusion splicer are refurbished to manufacture Specs.

You can browse on website by categories, price range and product type, in order to find the test equipment that you are searching for. Once you have purchased a product from, you can rely on our customer service before and after the sale.

If you have used or surplus equipment that you would like to dispose of, you can always sell it to We are ready to pay cash, trade or credit towards a purchase for your used fusion splicer otdr (or any other unused test equipment item) most times cash within 24 hours.

We all have unused equipment that we tend to forget about and we do not put value to it. However, here is your chance to get some of that cash back into your pocket for your optic fiber test equipment that you rarely use or don’t use at all. So do not preserve your used fiber splicer or otdr. It is more advantageous to sell it or swap it for a newer model or some other equipment you can use. Just look at all the newer models that you can get instead.

Whether you would like to replace your used fiber splicer, for a new or refurbished model on our website, you will find a multitude of fiber optic test equipment. If you have a used fusion splicer or any other test equipment that you are no longer using, contact us and we will make you a cash offer for your fusion splicer or Fiber test equipment.\'s commitment for quality and total satisfaction of our customers has helped us to become number one Source for Fiber Optic fusion Splicers & Test Equipment. We believe that our clients deserve the best services and that is exactly what we offer them. Just check our carefully selected electronic test equipment. All the products that we offer come with warranty.

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Is time to purchase a refurbished used fiber splicer, at you can choose from many models. is interested in purchasing your unused Fiber Splicer equipment, so if you have a used fusion splicer, you can always sell it to, put cash back into your pocket. buys and sells used fusion splicers