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USB Cables

USB cables are data cables used to connect a computer or laptop to an outside source of data such as digital cameras, video recorders, mobile phones and mp3 devices. These cables are compatible with the standard USB ports present in computers and laptops.

One end of a USB cable connects with the USB port present in the computer while the other end connects to an external device such as a digital camera. The cable enables direct data transfers from devices that are not a part of the computer. This saves precious time and effort and provides error free data transfers.

Today there is a USB cable available for every electronic device that requires data transfers. In most cases, companies manufacturing electronic devices like digital cameras sell these cables. A customer will need different cables for each device, as a cable for a camera may not be compatible with an mp3 device. A common feature among all types of USB cables is the presence of two power conductors and two signal conductors. The USB port in the computer provides automatic power and external power supply is needed only in some types of computers.

More and more people are opting for digital cameras and other electronic gadgets. This has increased the demand for USB cables. Earlier, USB ports were non-existent in computers, but now they have become standard equipment.

An USB cables is an important tool used to transfer electronic data. However, technology is changing very fast and customers are shifting to wireless technology. Innovations like Bluetooth and Infrared technology enable wireless data transfer. Modern day mobile phones use this technology for data transfer. These advanced methods may soon become a standard part of every electronic device, phasing out the USB cables.

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