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Static Control

Let us take a look at the two faces of static electricity. One is destructive, like lightning. What happens in this phenomenon is that when the voltage gradient of static electricity in clouds reaches a certain point, the energy is unleashed through what is called electrostatic discharge (ESD). It manifests in sparks and lightning. The same destructive force can cause fire and explosion.

The other face is gentle, delicate, and life sustaining. This is seen in pollens sticking to a bee because of the static electricity on the insectís body. (Static electricity can be either on the surface only, or volumetric.) But the same power attracts dust to expensive electronic equipments, damaging them or causing them to malfunction.

This is an energy that can be, and is, harnessed and put to beneficial use. But it often wreaks havoc particularly in the electronic industry resulting in damages to the tune of billions of dollars every year. It does not spare men and materials. Therefore, it has to be controlled, and in some cases, eliminated. There are several ways to do this. Generally speaking, they include induction, grounding and ionization.

Experts can measure and analyze the problem and recommend case-specific solutions. They are mainly aimed at preventing generation and buildup of static charge and dissipation of what has accumulated. In successful static control there is an element of education. Awareness of the basics of static issues and the importance of cleanliness should be imbued into the employers and employees. Identification of electrostatic sensitive devises is important. Attempts should be made to follow the U.S. Federal Standards for clean room environment. Conductive shoes, flooring and clothing add to safety; cotton, linen or specially made antistatic fabric is preferable.

Static control equipments include static bars, ionizing guns that can do focused cleaning and dissipation, neutralizing power supply systems, sheet cleaning systems, carbon fiber brushes, ionizing blowers and nozzles, inline ionizers for conveyors, and additives.

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